Berner: Our experts with passion

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Founded by Albert Berner, the direct sales company Berner has been known for its high quality products, individual service and extensive expertise in the construction and automotive industries, as well as industry in general, for over 60 years.

Whether setting up something new or maintaining something that already exists, whether maintaining facilities or repairing vehicles, whether providing the basic equipment for garages or anticipating how to keep businesses up to date: Berner has the right products and solutions to hand for every project.

Besides the broad product range, Berner experts offer customers a convenient and comprehensive service, ranging from basic equipment, procuring and applying products, right up to providing after-sales service.

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BTI: Our specialists for handicraft and fire protection solutions

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“We understand your trade”, say the BTI specialists and they mean it: BTI Befestigungstechnik is one of the leading direct distributors for the building trade. Close to the customer and competent: besides experienced specialist sales representatives, the BTI staff also includes consultants serving architects, planners and building site managers.

Its tools, workwear, work equipment and system solutions for roof & window assembly as well as fire protection make BTI a dependable and efficient partner. Over 100,000 satisfied customers are not alone in building upon that but are also supported by our BTI specialists.

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Caramba: The brand for innovate special chemistry

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Caramba is a German success story. It all started in 1903, when the first patent was filed for the Caramba brand. Since then, Caramba has transformed rapidly, to become a leading manufacturer of innovative special chemistry for cleaning processes, as well as for modifying and protecting material surfaces – always with the aim of optimising the work and production processes of our customers.

With 300 employees at three production and development sites in Duisburg, Bremen and Bad Kreuznach, Caramba develops and produces individual and customised chemical solutions for car manufacturers, industrial producers of metal, glass and plastic components and commercial car washes.

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