Meet the Supervisory Board

The supervisory board of the Berner Group is composed of experienced managers active in private enterprise. The supervisory board is headed by Carsten Albrecht. Company founder Albert Berner is the honorary chairman.

Supervisory board chairman Carsten Albrecht

Carsten Albrecht

Supervisory board / Chairman

Carsten Albrecht, born 1965, has been a member of the supervisory board since 2015. He was voted as chairman of the board in December 2017. Carsten Albrecht was previously a long-term board member at Hella KG GmbH & Co KGaA. As a qualified industrial engineer, he has comprehensive experience in the fields of production, development, sales and marketing. He is now active as a self-employed corporate consultant in the field of restructuring and as a member of the supervisory and the advisory board.

Founder Albert Berner

Albert Berner

Supervisory board / Honorary chairman

Albert Berner, born 1935 in K├╝nzelsau, founded the company in his home town in 1957. He built up the Berner Group, with the divisions Berner, Caramba and BTI, into one of the biggest players in the construction, mobility and industrial sectors. He took over the chair of the supervisory board in 1997. His nomination as the honorary chairman of the supervisory board took place in 2017.