The benefits of joining the Berner Group's sales force

  • We are a forward-looking company that keeps pace with the times
  • You receive a permanent employment contract from the very start
  • We provide security through a high fixed salary
  • We offer company pension plans
  • You receive a detailed induction with product and sales training
  • We equip you for the job with a tablet PC, smartphone and company car
  • You are eligible for staff discounts on all our products

From sales pro to career changer

Berner Group: Sales

We are a B2B trading company that employs about 5,500 people in direct sales. Based at sites throughout Europe, they include both highly experienced sales pros and career changers who are taking their first steps into direct sales at the Berner Group.

Our employees demonstrate that our thinking is not confined by disciplines and borders. We respond to you as an individual. That is how the company and everyone in it moves forward.

Our sales training: Comprehensive support from the very start

Berner Group: Sales

You are a good fit for the Berner Group if you are enthusiastic about what you do and passionate about our products and services. Our wide-ranging training programme, coupled with our open and direct management culture, gives you everything else you need.

Every new member of our sales team is offered product and sales training programmes which prepare you for direct sales right from the start and familiarise you with our products. Berner also offers in-service development courses so that you can steadily improve your existing skills.

What type of sales roles are on offer at the Berner Group?

Digitalisation is changing our customers’ purchasing behaviour. We have transformed the Group accordingly, so that direct sales and e-commerce are now interlinked. But our field sales force remains a key factor in the success of our business model. Our sales teams comprise people working in various roles, which we introduce briefly below:

Consultant/field sales representative

Most sales jobs at Berner are consultant/field sales representative positions. Consultants and field service reps are responsible for advising customers and selling our diverse range of products. The aim is to build long-term customer relationships based on mutual trust.

As a consultant/field sales rep you are responsible for your day-to-day business – right from the start. This means that you can climb the ladder and assume more responsibility at any time, depending on your performance.

We support you with digital planning of your rounds and up-to-date equipment such as a tablet PC, smartphone and company car. In order to be able to advise customers appropriately and in depth, many of our team members have a background in the classic trades; they often have extensive experience of the building trades or the automotive, industrial and chemicals sectors.

Area sales manager

As an area sales manager, you are responsible for a sales team of up to 15 people. The focus is on coordinating and managing the sales team in your assigned area. You will also appraise your team’s activities. Continuous contact with customers and consultants/field sales representatives is indispensable for your continuing success in this role.

As an area sales manager, you will have already acquired some sales experience. Ideally you also have experience of managing a small team. You identify with our values, communicate these values to the outside world and act as a role model for your team, thereby building trust and establishing long-term customer relationships. There is plenty of scope for you to exercise your organisational and creative skills.

Key account manager

As key account manager you look after everything to do with our regional key accounts. In addition to acquiring new clients, your task involves building long-term customer relationships. By providing professional and strategic advice to major customers, you play a key role in the development of our business relationships.

Our key account managers already have in-depth experience of B2B key account management and an excellent feel for the market and the competitive situation. Hallmarks of a successful key account manager are good negotiation and communication skills, resilience, innovative ideas and analytical and conceptual expertise.

Office-based/telesales consultant/sales representative

In telesales you are responsible for providing professional advice and customer support by telephone. You also assist with other sales channels (such as trade fairs and customer events). As with your field sales colleagues, your aim is to build trust and thus develop long-term customer relationships. Continuous communication between field and office-based sales staff is an essential part of the daily work, allowing both sides to compare notes and benefit from each other’s experience.

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