Products and solutions for every case

Whether we are talking about billion euro construction projects beneath the English Channel or fire-protection solutions for house builders in your neighbourhood; whether on the racecourse, bus or train or on water; whether we are looking at major innovations due to genial specialty chemistry or clever aids for removing dirt in the working environment: It is impossible to imagine the everyday life of our professional customers without products and solutions from the Berner Group.

New standards in the construction industry

Faster, bigger, higher, deeper – the construction industry is faced with new requirements in times of urbanisation, globalisation and booming building activity. New standards, ambitious builders and major construction projects at a high level are what move the industry and our customers today.

Our Berner and BTI brand experts are familiar with your industry and offer the right products for every building project and size of business. From workshop equipment to hand-operated and electric tools, right up to consultancy services regarding warehouse management, rack maintenance or fire protection for your workshop. We also offer customised and individual solutions for large-scale structural and civil engineering projects – whether high above the Frankfurt skyline or tunnelling below a major city.

Find the right solution for your industry

Industry – process security for Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Smart integration with the most advanced information technology, efficient value-creation chains and digitally connected systems – together with our customers, we aim to be one of the main drivers of this trend.

Ranging from process optimisation to improved margins through innovative specialist chemicals, right up to high-quality consumables, tools, lubricants and cleaning agents for maintenance, repair and servicing. Whether you operate production plant, conveyor belts, wind farms or even theme parks – the Berner, Caramba and Kent brands keep your production running smoothly with the right solutions.

Find the right solution for your industry

Mobility – Berner Group keeps the world moving

Mobility is a fundamental prerequisite of human life today. This fact and new developments such as electromobility, autonomous driving and the sharing economy place new demands on the mobility sector and our customers.

When it comes to mobility, our Berner, Caramba and Kent brands keep things moving – with premium products and customised applications, from workshop equipment and smart repair solutions right up to special chemical cleaning agents for professional car washes. Whether they are for general or special-purpose use, garages and car dealers trust in our products as do car-wash operators and leading car manufacturers. For the benefit of our customers we keep pace with the times, carrying out innovative research in our certified laboratories on a daily basis.

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