On the pulse of time with e-learning: Berner Group launches new digital education and training platform

In view of an increasingly complex working world, in-service learning is more important today than ever before. The Berner Group has responded to the ever-increasing demands and launched a cross-brand training and development platform: With the help of the new Group Campus, the more than 8,200 employees of the B2B wholesale company will be able to refresh or deepen their knowledge and skills flexibly at any time in the future. The digital offering already covers more than 70 courses on a wide range of topics - from product training and service training to sales coaching and IT exercises. Users can access the content on mobile devices as well as via laptop or desktop PC.

Berner Group

The Berner Group has always attached great importance to internal training and further education. For example, company-owned expert academies and training centres have been set up at the operating subsidiaries throughout Europe. Due to Corona, training courses have recently shifted to the internet. "In this way, we ensured that our employees were able to receive individual support even during the pandemic," emphasizes Christian Greiner, Head of Digital Learning & Development International at the Berner Group. "As the trend towards mobile working is increasing more and more, the new digital Group Campus is the next logical step for us. Regardless of whether you're an office worker or a sales representative, an apprentice or a manager: thanks to this modern e-learning platform, everyone has the chance to continue their education in a targeted manner, regardless of time and place."

Christian Greiner, who has been with the company for ten years, was involved in the extensive project from the very beginning, together with Andrea Schneider, Head of Learning and Development. With an international team of more than 100 in-house experts, they developed the conceptual basis and prepared the technical go-live together with experienced IT and web professionals. The rollout took place first in Austria, then in France. "The participation rate is enormously strong. In the meantime, a total of 11,000 courses have already been successfully completed and almost 500,000 learning minutes have been completed," reports Christian Greiner. "The huge interest clearly shows that we have our finger on the pulse here and is yet another motivation for us to expand the offer to other business units as quickly as possible."

Learning network for more than 20 countries
The eLearning platform is going live in Germany these days. "The offer strengthens self-directed learning, as each user has the option of completing the course units at their own personal pace," emphasizes Carmen Villarrasa Alvarez, responsible local project manager at BERNER in Kuenzelsau. "The time flexibility that the new Group Campus opens up for learning is particularly practical for our field service team, as colleagues work on the move and their schedules are naturally based on their customers."
The Group Campus training modules are regularly updated and supplemented. In the coming months, the Berner Group will gradually establish the digital training and development platform at all European locations, so that a learning network spanning more than 20 countries will gradually emerge.

Die Berner Group
The Berner Group is a family-run European commercial enterprise. Our vision is: “We keep the world together and moving.” This means we are the central B2B trading partner for all materials in the maintenance, repair, and production segments for our customers in the building, mobility, and industry sectors. With more than four channels we create an integrated omni-channel purchasing experience for our customers. In the steel and C materials as well as chemicals segments we are also an innovative manufacturer. We are represented in over 23 countries for our customers with more than 200,000 items and 8,200 employees.

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