Visionary product development: Berner Group working on professional solutions for tomorrow in new chemical laboratory

The Berner Group is significantly increasing its research and development capacities. The B2B trading company wants to further expand its leading position in the omnichannel sales area, especially in the field of chemical “all-in-one” agents for automotive and construction professionals. The centerpiece is the establishment of a central chemical laboratory for the BERNER brand, which has now been opened at the sister company Caramba in Duisburg. Under the expert guidance of international product engineers, the wholesaler is now working on innovative solutions for customers in more than 20 European countries in the lab on the Rhine.

Visionary product development: Berner Group working on professional solutions for tomorrow in new chemical laboratory

The choice of location for the new chemical laboratory was made deliberately. “Caramba is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative chemical specialty products for cleaning processes and the treatment, modification and protection of material surfaces in the B2B sector,” says Carsten Rumpf, the Executive Board member responsible for the omnichannel sales companies of the Berner Group. “Due to the geographical and thematic proximity, both brands can once again significantly intensify their already close collaboration.”

In the project-based cooperation, Berner’s chemical experts benefit both from Caramba’s technical know-how and from the positive experience that the sister company has already gained through its own laboratory complex. The “Caramba Lab” is the technological nucleus for advanced research and product development of the “brand of the century” from Duisburg.

Test series, training and new product strategies
Together with employees from the national operating companies, customers and cooperation partners, international product engineers are conducting forward-looking test series, training courses and conferences in the new Berner laboratory. Interdisciplinary teams simulate specific problems under real-life conditions in order to optimize products today for the challenges that professional users from the automotive and construction sectors will face tomorrow. Carsten Rumpf: “In this way, we can guarantee our customers that we will always continue to supply them with precisely the right solution at the right time so that they can be successful in their own business.”

Based on market analysis, current trends, studies, sales and customer surveys, Berner’s chemical experts also develop new product concepts and strategies. In addition to individual customer needs, the focus is on topics such as sustainability and the most resource-efficient use of accessories or consumables.

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