Berner pays employees an inflation adjustment premium

Cologne/K├╝nzelsau. The Berner Group is the first company in its sector to pay its approximately 8,000 employees throughout Europe an inflation compensation bonus. The special payment of up to 600 euros is additionally transferred to the employees in all companies with their November salary.

Berner pays employees an inflation adjustment premium Berner Group

"The Berner Group is a family business. And families are characterised by being there for each other, sticking together, supporting and helping each other. This is especially true in difficult times," emphasises CEO Christian Berner.

This is all the more necessary because companies and employees alike are confronted with the massive consequences of rising energy costs and high inflation. "The causes are an environmental and regulatory policy of the EU that has been misguided for years and a monetary policy that has devalued our money. Russia's invasion of Ukraine and disrupted supply chains are added causes. All this is leading to an increasingly recessionary climate," the CEO continues.

"As a company that lives its values, we want to be there for our employees in this particular situation. We are aware of the serious situation in which many find themselves due to the massive increase in the cost of living. Our goal is therefore to alleviate the enormous financial burdens with a special payment, just as we did during the corona pandemic," said Berner.

In recent years, Berner Group has paid many employees a special Corona bonus in addition to their regular pay. In addition, the company had the shortest short-time working period in the industry in 2020 during the lockdown.

Although the CEO assumes that the next year will be even more difficult in terms of the economy, he nevertheless announced: "This payment is a first step. Within the framework of budget planning, we will intensively examine all possibilities to be able to offer our employees further support with a salary increase in the next business year. Taking social responsibility is part of our company DNA. This was already the case with my parents in the past. And will never change with us in the future."

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