For those who want to join us

The people who work for us will have the opportunity to dare to go their own interesting paths. Dare to courageously find new ways. Dare to master challenges not according to a template.

We are the company that invests in its people. We develop careers that stand out and create personal success. 

We are open to new opinions and views – no matter who they come from.

It takes courage to bring one’s own ideas to the table. We as BERNER value this courage and listen to everyone’s views, opinions and ideas.

We enable you to dare challenge the status quo. 
We believe that true innovation comes from questioning the way things have always been done. take risks and embrace opportunities.
We believe that failure is not something to be ashamed of but rather an opportunity to learn and grow. be yourself.
We encourage our employees to bring their whole selves to work and create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected. 

Therefore, we promise to you: 

To give you the room to do things differently 
To have your back if you make mistakes 
To invest in your personal path to growth.

BERNER Group Campus

Because: “This is how it‘s always been done“ is never the correct answer.

The world around us is changing and those who adapt are the ones who succeed.

At BERNER we invest in learning and development. To stay successful at work requires life-long learning from everyone. We constantly need to build new skills and knowledge and adapt our approaches to succeed in business. That is why we established the BERNER  Group Campus, our global digital learning platform and training centers in over 23 countries.

We believe in growth through learning and through our global BERNER Group Campus we enable learning and growth for all our employees.

Our experienced and knowledgeable in-house trainers provide classroom, virtual and digital training to all our 8,200 employees. Everyone at BERNER has the opportunity to refresh or deepen their know-how and skills at any time. Everyone can learn in groups, in seminars and digitally where they want and when they want.

Our in-house trainers and external training partners are not only experts in their own areas, but they are also game changers. You can always rely on them to ensure that you not only fulfil the requirements of your job, but also grow in your role and prepare for your next career step.

When joining BERNER, you will experience a comprehensive onboarding that equips you with all relevant information, skills and insights that help you to be successful fast in your job. Regular check-ins with your supervisor help you find the way into the BERNER organization.

Our learning offers for all professionals and talents at BERNER consist of learning journeys and individual courses. They cover training from sales and product know-how to communication and mindfulness courses. The courses are linked to your career development and provide a robust and state of the art learning experience for all employees.

Furthermore, our leadership curriculum builds the right skills for leaders at all levels. While for those who aim for an expert career path, they can find continuous learning opportunities and programs that enable them to grow their expertise and knowledge in their professional role.

Future Youth

We're breaking new ground with our Future Youth program - a real hands-on experience that replaces classrooms with offices, meeting zones and warehouses. We offer more than 600 young people the opportunity to explore the corporate world. No more textbooks, no more lectures - it's time to break out and seize the opportunities.

International career

At BERNER we believe in connections. We enable international career paths. Rob Noordman, team leader of software product management, started his career at BERNER Netherlands in 2012 while still studying. He gained valuable experience at BERNER Sweden before coming to Künzelsau and finally settling in the company headquarters in Cologne in 2016.

Leadership programs

Our leaders drive the growth of our company and our people. That's why our programs are designed for those who challenge the status quo, who want to lead with passion and determination, and for those who feel more confident. We offer a variety of programs including self-paced, open and top-level programs. Whether you want to boost your confidence, improve your communication skills, or become a more effective leader overall, our program has everything you need to be successful.


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