Values create culture, and culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Our Smart Rebel corporate culture can be described as follows: It is first of all a b.real culture. In our culture you can state your opinion.​ In our culture, questioning and disagreeing is rewarded.​ Every leader will take on the challenge!​ Important is to speak out about what makes us better​. Secondly, we are a b.hungry culture​. We are a performance culture. We don’t like standards, we love excellence. Achieving 120 % - this is us.​ Whoever works for us wants to change and create something​. We tackle it. And last but not least, we are a b.brave culture​. Have the courage to disagree and have the courage to challenge the CEO. I will take it. Have the courage to dare to do something new, to develop yourself. Many of our careers are internal talents. Because we ​question everything and challenge ourselves and our performance every day​. Because we have the courage and honesty to address things we want to change​.
Because we don't just talk, we act. That's why we are Smart Rebels.

Christian A. W. Berner

Chairman of the Executive Board & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BERNER Group Group

What drives us