Living up to our responsibility

"I grew up here and have been very fortunate in life; I should like to pass on some of that”, says Albert Berner, who set up the Foundation on the occasion of his 60th birthday.


Since its inception the Albert Berner Foundation has helped both numerous flagship projects and many smaller organisations pursue their goals. When deciding how to use its funds, the Foundation focuses on causes in the region but also attaches particular importance to the long-term sustainability of the supported projects.

Ursula Berner

"This company has moulded who I am and for more than four decades I have been attempting to help shoulder this responsibility, as the wife of Albert Berner but also as Ursula Berner.”


As chair of the Foundation’s board, Ursula Berner makes a significant contribution to the organisation's involvement in social and cultural matters, and she sees her role primarily in terms of a responsibility to promote the common good. In her view, foundations are not just there to fill the gaps: she sees them as active shapers of society and regards the Albert Berner Foundation as one of the key pillars of the Berner group of companies.

The Albert Berner Foundation is active in the social and cultural field and in sports and education

Social affairs: meeting challenges head-on

Albert Berner’s life has not always been straightforward. He has had challenges to meet and misfortunes to cope with. He and his family therefore attach great importance to helping people who find themselves at a difficult stage in life. The Albert Berner Foundation supports local welfare organisations – especially Diakonie Künzelsau and Lebenshilfe Hohenlohekreis – in many different ways. In particular, the Foundation seeks to give disadvantaged children the hope of a better future, for example by working with Infokoop, an organisation that provides information and support in connection with domestic and sexual violence.

Culture: bringing generations together through music 

Introducing children to cultural events at an early age is a particular passion of Ursula Berner. The Albert Berner Foundation is therefore involved in many cultural projects organised by schools in the region, including musical productions at the Schlossgymnasium and projects at the high school in Garnberg and the youth music school in Künzelsau.

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Education: learning with love

Opening up opportunities through education: the schemes supported by the Albert Berner Foundation include ELSA, a project involving learning support and supervision of homework at the primary and lower secondary school in Künzelsau.

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Sport: achieving success as a team

The Kochertaler Turnstützpunkt (KTV) (an association of the clubs TSV Ingelfinden, TSV Künzelsau and TSV Niedernhall) has been supporting talented young gymnasts for many years. Albert Berner himself was associated with gymnastics for a long time and in consequence the family decided to support the KTV via the Albert Berner Foundation with an annual donation.


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Charity concert enables generous donation for St Elisabeth Hospice Hohenlohe

A record for a good cause: with proceeds totalling more than 12,000 euros, this year´s traditional charity concert organised by the Albert Berner Foundation, Sparkasse Hohenlohekreis and the Rotary Club Künzelsau-Öhringen raised more money than ever before. For the second time, the entire amount will go towards the renovation and conversion of a building on Rösleinsberg in Künzelsau into an inpatient hospice with eight places.

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Albert Berner-Stiftung

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Members of the foundation board

Ursula Berner (Chairwoman)
Albert Berner
Marcus Meyer
Pfarrer Wilfried Härpfer

Managing Board

Werner Gassert (Chairman)
Werner Siller