What makes the BERNER Group very special is that we are based on the fundamental values that my parents passed on to me through the way they live their lives. My father, Albert Berner, showed how much courage and enthusiasm he had for challenges, right from the day he founded the company at the age of 21; and this never changed over the following decades. It makes me proud that, despite his success, he never lost touch with his roots. It is more important than ever, in times of acceleration, digitalization and transformation, to be authentic, direct and approachable as a family entrepreneur. I am committed to these values and stand up for them every single day!

Christian A. W. Berner

Chairman of the Executive Board & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BERNER Group Group


Courage makes us accept mistakes, dare to undertake something new and achieve our goals together.


We firmly believe that we can only make our customers more successful if we strive for new things and stay in step with the times. Our employees are thus working on new ideas and innovations for our products and solutions every day, from new practical tools for builders to genial chemical products for industry. Anyone who tries something new may sometimes fail. But this does not scare us, because only the brave will succeed. Thus our motto is always: b.brave!



[Translate to English:] Wir kommen aus dem Mittelstand. Wir sind Macher. Große Ziele, voller Einsatz und das immer wieder, jeden Tag. Dafür stehen die Mitarbeiter der Berner Group.


We are the German “Mittelstand”. We get things done. Achieve our objectives, fully dedicated, every day. That is what makes the employees of the BERNER Group a force you can trust.


Where markets change, where new trends emerge and customer requirements change – we are not only on the scene but always a step ahead. We perceive trends as opportunities. For that reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to digitalise our company and have entirely transformed it within a short space of time. With digital equipment for our sales experts, customer-orientated online sales channels and optimised purchasing and product management, we can reach our customers easily, wherever they are.



[Translate to English:] Maximal vernetzt sein, bedeutet für uns wachsendes Wissen und Effizienz. In der Berner Group bringen wir Abteilungen, Marken, Lieferanten und Kunden zusammen.


To be connected as much as possible means for us, to find the most efficient solutions through increasing knowledge. At the BERNER Group we bring departments, brands, suppliers and customers close together.


Across different fields of business and sites, our employees are connected with one another and work as one team, as one corporate entity. This is both for the benefit of our customers and of each individual – for their combined success – and it likewise means optimizing all operations at our company. While our global supplier network ensures a rapid and reliable supply for our customers, our more than 5,000 sales experts are on site every day, close to our customers. We understand our customers’ business, are familiar with their challenges and can provide exactly the right solution at the right time.




[Translate to English:] Als Familienunternehmen schreiben wir Verantwortung besonders groß. Dieser Wert steht bei der Berner Group für: Nachhaltig denken. Verantwortlich handeln. Konsequenzen tragen.


As a family business, we place great emphasis on responsibility. At the BERNER Group this means thinking sustainably, acting responsibly and accepting consequences.


Accepting responsibility plays an essential role in our corporate culture. We are keen to work not only for short-term profit but always to keep in mind the long-term consequences of our actions. That is important for us, whether in the field of the environment and sustainability, when considering the company’s resources as well as where our social commitment is concerned. This is also reflected in our declaration of principles for human rights and environmental issues, among other things.




[Translate to English:] Bei allem Wandel und stetem Fortschritt: Wir vergessen nie unsere Wurzeln. Die Berner Group ist und bleibt ehrlich, bodenständig und zuverlässig.


Despite all our change and constant progress, we have never forgotten our roots. The BERNER Group is – and will remain – honest, down-to-earth and dependable. 


These values remain the bedrock of our company – handed down to us by our founder, Albert Berner. He embodies these values more than anyone else. He has achieved a lot in his life and, in spite of all his success, has managed one thing: to remain down-to-earth and honest, and always keep his word. And it is precisely this legacy which he has passed on to the BERNER Group and its employees. It is this corporate culture that we embody and which to this day makes us a trustworthy partner for our customers.



[Translate to English:] Unser bisheriger Erfolg ist unser Antrieb für die Zukunft. Daran glauben wir fest bei der Berner Group.


Our past success drives us forward into the future. We believe this wholeheartedly at the BERNER Group.


Our approach: we will continue to be successful in the long term if we can look back on our past successes and experience with pride, and use them as our driving force and motivation for the future. This is what gives us pride in our more than 65-year history and tradition: the experience and expertise which our long-standing, satisfied customers come to know and appreciate. In fast-moving times of today, where the world is undergoing so many fundamental changes, we stand on a solid foundation.



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