The founding family

When we talk about the BERNER Family, we are of course first talking about the Berner family. First and foremost, we look to our founder Albert Berner and his wife Ursula, who has always supported him and who has headed the Albert Berner Foundation for many years. Ursula and Albert Berner are very important to us because they not only form the basis of the company, but above all are the inspiration for our values. Both come from humble backgrounds and have always remained down-to-earth and modest despite their great life's work.

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The second generation

Christian Berner has been leading the company into the future since 2012. His task was to transform the company when it was in troubled waters, and he has been putting all his energy into getting us into pole position ever since. For the Berner family, being close to the company is the key to success. As committed owners, they know and appreciate their employees. They stand up for the company - both for things that go well and for things that go wrong. They know where success comes from.

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The BERNER Family

When we talk about the BERNER Family, we actually mean one big family with over 8,000 members. We at BERNER are a great team and know that we can rely on each other. We have stood together since 1957, in both successful and difficult times.
Our values are our foundation. We uphold our values. They are key to everything we do and the deciding factor in whether someone fits into our community. They guide every decision and are the guiding star for every leader. What sets the BERNER Family apart from other companies is not only the fact that we are a family business, but most importantly, it is the people at BERNER. Our values attract real people.

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An equal company with a Smart Rebel culture

We are a company founded by someone who grew up in poverty. That's why we live equality from the very beginning:

  • Origin, skin color, age, religion or gender play no role for us
  • Everyone can grow with us and be successful with us
  • Performance and the sharing of our values are decisive for us

This is how we create space for real characters. We believe diversity fosters creativity, not conformity. We are doers, not followers. We like to have fun and don't take ourselves too seriously either.
That's what makes our culture special. A culture where a colleague from logistics can go to our CEO and honestly tell him: "You screwed up!" A culture that does things differently and never rests. We call it: Smart Rebel culture.

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