Socially committed for 25 years: Albert Berner Foundation celebrates anniversary

Künzelsau, 10 June 2020 - Founded 25 years ago, the Albert Berner Foundation has become an integral part of Hohenlohe today: The charitable foundation provides sustainable support in the areas of social affairs, education, culture and sport. Above all, the local people are to benefit from this.

Socially committed for 25 years: Albert Berner Foundation celebrates anniversary

"25 years of foundation work allow me to look back with pride and joy. It's impressive what you can achieve on a small and large scale when you stick together. At the same time, they are an incentive for me, my husband and the Board of Trustees to continue to invest in charitable projects in Hohenlohe with untiring strength and perseverance", says Ursula Berner, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees, on the occasion of this year's 25th anniversary of the Alber Berner Foundation.

What began as a down-to-earth idea of the founder Albert Berner has developed into an important charitable pillar in Künzelsau and the surrounding area. "My husband grew up here and has been very lucky in life. It was and still is very important to him to be able to pass on some of that happiness," says Ursula Berner, describing her husband's reasons for setting up the foundation 25 years ago.

There is no question that the "giving back" has more than succeeded thanks to the commitment of the Albert Berner Foundation: To date over 1.5 million euros have been donated to charitable projects. Or to put it another way: Year after year more than 60,000 euros have been donated to social institutions, education, culture and sport. "The commitment of the Albert Berner Foundation shows the big heart of the Berner family. The foundation has realized projects which would never have been possible otherwise", summarizes District Administrator Dr. Matthias Neth gratefully.

Stefan Neumann, Mayor of Künzelsau, finds similar words. "Thanks to the Albert Berner Foundation, Künzelsau and Hohenlohe are many times richer because very diverse areas and also small, not only prestigious projects are supported. This ensures that the funds go directly to the people here in the region and support their thirst for knowledge and drive. For all this I say thank you very much."

A lighthouse project in the amount of 50,000 euros is again to be awarded in the anniversary year. The course for this was set in recent weeks. It will be presented to the public at the end of June. Thus, even after 25 years, the Alber Berner Foundation will remain true to its chosen course - much to the delight of the people in Künzelsau and the surrounding area.

Albert Berner Foundation
The non-profit Albert Berner Foundation was established in 1995 to mark the 60th birthday of its namesake, Albert Berner. The Albert Berner Foundation is dedicated to supporting children and adults in the social and cultural field, as well as in sports and education, mainly in the Hohenlohe region. Since its inception, the foundation has helped extensive lighthouse projects as well as smaller organizations to advance their goals. The Albert Berner Foundation pays particular attention to the long-term nature of the projects it supports, in addition to the regional factor. For many years, numerous organizations and projects have enjoyed the support of the Foundation.