Generous donation: 40,000 euros for TSV Künzelsau's new KÜNfit sports centre

Künzelsau, November 24, 2021 - Warm rains of money in the cold season: TSV Künzelsau can be pleased about a cash injection of 40,000 euros for its newly built sports center KÜNfit.

Albert Berner Stiftung

The donation comes in equal parts from Albert Berner and the foundation named after him, which has been supporting children and adults in the social, cultural, sporting and educational sectors in the Hohenlohe region for more than 25 years. As an honorary member of the association, the company founder of the B2B wholesaler based in Garnberg did not miss the opportunity to personally present the symbolic cheque on site.

"We are very grateful to the Berner family and company for their generous support," emphasizes Erwin Bergmann, Chairman of TSV Künzelsau. "The donation is a huge help. As the total costs for the KÜNfit amount to around five million euros, we as a non-profit association can make good use of every cent." The ambitious project started operations at the beginning of November after a 15-month construction period. A modern clubhouse has been built on an area of 1,600 square metres, which offers a wide range of possibilities for fitness exercises, health sports as well as strength and endurance training. One of the two course rooms bears the name of Albert Berners, who has been a member of TSV Künzelsau for almost 70 years and was made an honorary member in 2004.

For Albert Berner, supporting TSV is a matter close to his heart. Sport has always played an important role in his life. As a young footballer, for example, he made it all the way to the state league team. He also showed his skills in athletics: In the high jump, he crossed the 1.70 meters, covered the 100 meters in a remarkable 11.6 seconds. "I was a talent who had to train hard," says Albert Berner, who later remained active as an entrepreneur despite having little free time - whether in gymnastics, tennis, walking, swimming or cycling. "We were and are a sports family," reports Albert Berner. Whenever possible, he and wife Ulla go golfing today. They both feel at home on the green. Albert Berner: "If you had a handicap of 13.5, that's still four to five hours on the course. That's when I know afterwards what I've done."

Last but not least, the honorary citizen of Künzelsau appreciated and still appreciates the sociability of sports. That is why he founded the men's team together with TSV colleagues, which he chaired for 45 years and which still exists today. "Anyone who has achieved something in sport from an early age, who trains diligently and ambitiously, can also use their performance successfully in their career," says Erwin Bergmann. "For this Albert Berner is a shining example. With his career, he is a role model for the youth and generations to come."

Albert Berner Foundation
The charitable Albert Berner Foundation was founded in 1995 on the occasion of the 60th birthday of its namesake. The Albert Berner Foundation is committed to supporting children and adults in the social, cultural, sporting and educational sectors in the Hohenlohe region. Since its inception, the foundation has helped large-scale lighthouse projects, but also smaller organizations, to advance their goals. In addition to the regional factor, the Albert Berner Foundation pays particular attention to the long-term nature of the projects it supports. For many years, numerous organizations and projects have enjoyed the support of the foundation.

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