Time out instead of downtime: Generous donation supports new help facility for burnoutprone people

Künzelsau, 14 February 2022 - Psychological stress and physical strain are getting to more and more people. To avoid serious illnesses, it is important to pull the ripcord in time and give body and mind a break. The "Auszeithaus Hohenlohe" (Timeout House Hohenlohe) is being built in Forchtenberg-Wohlmuthausen as a place to take a deep breath. At the moment, extensive construction work is still underway. In order for these to be completed successfully and for the facility to open for business this summer, the nonprofit association is now receiving a generous financial contribution.

Time out instead of downtime: Generous donation supports new help facility for burnoutprone people Berner Group

From the proceeds of their joint benefit concert, the Albert Berner Foundation, the Sparkasse Hohenlohekreis and the Rotary Club Künzelsau-Öhringen support the renovation and conversion of the former village inn "Rose" with 7,000 Euros. The Albert Berner Foundation increased this amount to 10,000 euros from its own funds and additionally supported the project with a further donation of 20,000 euros. "In the past months I have had repeated contact with people, heard about them from acquaintances or heard about them from the media, who are exhausted and at the end of their tether," emphasises Ursula Berner, Chairwoman of the Albert Berner Foundation Board. "Many people can no longer cope with everyday things that we actually take for granted because they lack the strength and feel overwhelmed. In addition to professional reasons, personal strokes of fate such as a terrible diagnosis, the separation from a partner or the loss of a beloved family member can also cause this oppressive feeling. The timeout house is an attempt to help those affected here in the region. In a small, individual group, but with professional competence. We are very happy to support this valuable and important initiative."

Holistic concept
In future, the timeout house will offer a central contact point in stressful situations that go far beyond a normal need for recreation. The professionally supervised stay serves to prevent burnout, to strengthen resilience and resistance, or to help with reorientation and decisionmaking in difficult phases of life. The concept follows a holistic approach:
• Taking a step back from everyday family and professional life;
• Finding peace and enduring silence;
• Having time for reflection and sporting activity;
• Qualified counselling for selfreflection and development of personal solution strategies;
• Participation in creative, curative or spiritual programmes;
• Meals alone or in community.

The former village inn "Rose" is privately owned by the Grathwohl family, who are also responsible for the renovation and will rent the building to the supporting association of the timeout house after completion. The construction measures, estimated at a total of about 1.2 million euros, are on the home stretch. After the demolition of the partly dilapidated building fabric and the underpinning of the masonry due to the missing foundation, the roof truss has been rebuilt and the former village inn has been completely renovated. Currently, the plasterers are applying the thermal insulation plaster. In addition, drywall construction, filling and wallpapering work is taking place. The heating and electrical installations have already been done. Floors and doors, bathrooms and kitchens are still missing. The official opening of the Auszeithaus with its seven fully furnished single rooms and flats is planned for June 2022.

A sign of appreciation
"The Auszeithaus is a project from the heart of society, for the region and far beyond Hohenlohe," says Andreas Grathwohl, member of the operational management team. "The support of the Albert Berner Foundation is invaluable for us: it forms an important foundation for the opening and encourages us, as we feel confirmed and understood in our concern to enable stressed people to take time out. The Albert Berner Foundation is thus taking on a pioneering role and of course we hope for many committed individuals and personalities who will be inspired by this and will also support us within the scope of their possibilities."

As chairman of the supporting association, which was founded in November 2018 and already has more than 120 members, Pastor Klaus Kempter emphasises his joy about the donation: "For us, this is a sign of great trust in an innovative project that our association is launching here in the region. It is also a strong signal of appreciation for the voluntary commitment that our project depends on. The donation from the 2021 benefit concert and the generous financial support from the Albert Berner Foundation are helping us right now in the startup phase. Because even before the guests arrive, costs will naturally arise, for example for rent and initial personnel expenses. But above all, we will soon be equipping the house and the rooms. We will use a large part of the donation from the Albert Berner Foundation for this purpose.”

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