Start of training at the BERNER Group: Many paths lead to the personal dream job

On September 01, 13 apprentices and 8 dual students started their careers at the BERNER Group. Thus, the B2B wholesaler was once again able to fill almost all apprenticeship positions in the Hohenlohe region. The reason for this is also the close cooperation of the three subsidiaries BERNER Germany, BTI by BERNER and the Berner Omnichannel Trading Holding. This allows a particularly high flexibility in the individual training design and increases the chance of being taken over, as numerous success stories show.

Start of training at the BERNER Group: Many paths lead to the personal dream job Berner Group

For the new training year, the BERNER Group welcomes 21 young talents at its locations in the Hohenlohe region. This means that the family-owned company is currently training a total of 68 young people in 17 different professions.

The subsidiaries of the BERNER Group in Künzelsau and Ingelfingen work very closely together in the organization of training. On the one hand, there is a constant exchange between the young talents of BERNER Germany, BTI by BERNER and Berner Omnichannel Trading Holding. On the other hand, individual interests can be considered when working in departments. This is also confirmed by Franzisca Schmalz, who recently completed her training in wholesale and foreign trade management. "A big advantage was that I had the opportunity to support the Communications department at events in the first and second year of my apprenticeship, even though this was not originally part of my training plan. But it made me realize that I was interested in this profession. And in fact, the opportunity arose for me to take up the job after graduation," says Franzisca, who has been working for the company as Junior Manager Corporate Communications since August.

From Spain to Künzelsau
Without a doubt, Pablo Garcia, who has started his dual study program in International Business at Berner Omnichannel Trading Holding, has traveled the farthest to begin his training this year. Around 1,500 kilometers lie between his home in Spain and Künzelsau. "I deliberately looked for a place to study in Germany because I went to a German school in Spain and really wanted to study in Germany," he reports. He became aware of BERNER through a job advertisement on the internet. Even though he will certainly miss his sunny homeland: He started the move with a lot of anticipation in his luggage.

Removing hurdles to training
To find committed and qualified junior staff, the individual situations of applicants have been increasingly considered for years. For example, starting training at an older age is equally possible as part-time training with a child. Sarah Lüllig can confirm the second. A few weeks ago, the young mother successfully completed her training in wholesale and foreign trade management at BERNER Germany. "I already applied with the desire to do part-time training and was very happy that this was possible at BERNER," she reports. During the training, she was able to combine work and family very well. "I attended the vocational school hours in full, but my weekly working hours were somewhat reduced. This allowed me to successfully complete my training and at the same time provide comprehensive care for my son," says Sarah Lüllig. She is glad that she managed to fit everything in so well, even though studying for the exams was challenging: "Despite the shorter working hours, I gained a deep insight into all the departments to which I was assigned. From April 2023 until the end of my training, for example, I worked in the dispatching department – this is also where I received the offer of a job from the responsible team leader, which I was very pleased about."

CSR project Future Youth successfully shows career opportunities
With Future Youth, the BERNER Group rolled out a long-term learning program at all its European locations in spring 2023. The aim is to give 600 young people a practical insight into the world of work each year and thus help them with their career orientation. The first part of the program has already taken place at the Künzelsau site, too. Daniel Mokeev was a participant and subsequently decided that he would like to apply for an apprenticeship in office management – with success. "The team at BERNER is one like no other. It feels like a big family."

Learning journey starts at Kocherwerk
The location for the start of the introductory week is once again the House of Fastening Technology in Forchtenberg-Ernsbach, also known as Kocherwerk. In keeping with the company's value "be connected", the junior employees have the opportunity to get to know each other and at the same time learn something about the history of the development of the screw and fastener industry in the region. In the further course of the introductory week, the young talents visit the company headquarters on Garnberg and the BTI location in Ingelfingen, including a logistics tour and a site rally. In the process, they learn everything they need to know for their start in professional life.

Tip: For all late deciders, the BERNER Group still offers apprenticeships in various sales offices at short notice. Interested? Then it's best to contact the training manager Melinda Ritz as soon as possible at:

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